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Vincent Vadez about Drought Adaptation of crops for the semi arid tropics

Working with Phenospex has been exiting so far and there are many more things that we hope to develop together in the future

After the installation of FieldScan the first real high throughput Field Phenotyping system Vincent Vadez took some time to explain his work at ICRISAT and how Phenospex could help him to improve his methodology.

Before installing FieldScan in India Vincent Vadez and his team took the chance to test PlantEye at their facilities. With this option we want to share the idea of testing before investing. Technology needs to proof their value before beeing scaled up. The high flexibility of PlantEye allows easy testing at your facility. We rent PlantEye with our PSX Mobile Device, which allows the validation and performance of small proof of concepts. This reduces costs and the risk of investment.

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