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Farewell Uladzimir

Posted on 1 July 2021 in by Gregoire Hummel
Over the past ten years, we’ve developed and perfected the sensor I always dreamed of – a sensor that captures essential data about crops, independent of the environment they’re growing in. Ten years after founding Phenospex the founding partners Uladzimir Zhokhavets and I, decided to continue our individual paths. Phenospex continues to push the boundaries of plant phenotyping, striving to become the industry standard for phenotyping solutions. Uladzimir, former CTO of Phenospex, is leaving the company to embark on a new venture. Continuing to develop sensors based on our epic PlantEye technology, Uladzimir will be expanding the availability of 3D multispectral imaging to industries outside the crop-related sector and therefore beyond the scope of Phenospex. Phenospex is now well placed to move to the next level: developing solutions to automate and digitalize phenotyping applications in the production environment of the breeding, farming and crop protection industries. ...
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