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HortControl 3.3 release – Max Height, Snapshot, Reprocessing & more

Posted on 24 July 2019 in by Martijn Houben
At Phenospex we are continuously working on improving our products. Today we are happy to announce a new HortControl release, which improves the usability and will increase your phenotyping productivity. Here is a short overview Reprocess your experiments with different settings New plant parameter: Height Max New tools: Snapshot & Show last scan New plant parameter "Height max". Our height parameter reflects an adjusted height. Mathematically we cut a little part of the top to make this parameter reliable and constant. This way the parameter is less susceptible to wind or other unstable situations. There are times, however, that you want the true plant height. In HortControl check the parameter list for "Height max". "Snap Shot" a single measurement Visualize the current status of your plants with the "Snapshot" function. Reprocess 3D scans with different settings Reprocess your entire experiment with new ...
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