field phenotyping Fieldscan with up to 20 PlantEye scans thousands of plants per hour

FieldScan High-Throughput Field Phenotyping

FieldScan is a platform for ultra-high-throughput field phenotyping under all weather conditions. The platform enables capacities of tens of thousands of plants or plots with a scanning capacity of 5,000 plants or higher per hour.

  • For Greenhouse & Field
  • End to end solution, automated scanning, parameters & analytics
  • High resolution, scan separate plants, leaves & Stems
  • Morphological & Spectral data e.g. plant Height or Color
  • 17+ plant parameters each scan
  • visualize & analyze data with HortControl
  • (Precision) Irrigation optional
  • Environmental data optional with our weather station
  • Gravimetric data optional with FieldScales

Use FieldScan in plant research or breeding and combine high-precision phenotyping with high throughput. Improve the quality of your field research with an entire new dimension of plant data.

Easy to use
FieldScan and HortControl can be used by people with all backgrounds.

  • Easy set up of complex experimental design with HortControl
  • Easy operation, FieldScan only requires a start and stop signal
  • Fully automated scanning, day and night
  • Fully automated plant data analytics with HortControl

Irrigation solutions 
Irrigation units can be added to the carrier device for top-down irrigation. Precision Irrigation on a large scale is possible in combination with our FieldScales.

FieldScan greenhouse phenotyping automation for the RIPE project in Illinois

FieldScan greenhouse phenotyping automation for the RIPE project in Illinois

FieldScan field phenotyping Nanjing China

FieldScan field phenotyping Nanjing China

FieldScan for digital field phenotyping and digital measurements of plants in the field FieldScan - Field phenotyping in Tainan Taiwan

FieldScan plant phenotyping in the field - Taiwan 3FieldScan 3D & Spectral plant measurements in the field South Africa

FieldScan data:

FieldScan is able to the following sensors to collect data. Our main sensor to collect plant parameters is PlantEye.

  • PlantEye for growth & health data (17 parameters)
  • FieldScales (optional) Changes in weight & transpiration rates
  • Weather Station (optional) for environmental data

PlantEye scans the plants and delivers:

  • 3D source file with spectral data
  • 17+ Plant parameters in open source format

Read more on how ICRISAT uses FieldScan for field phenotyping in India.

Field Phenotyping - 3D & Spectral scan with PlantEye

Field Phenotyping – 3D & Spectral scan with PlantEye

Growth dynamics (height in mm) visualized over time. Due to the high scan interval you can see clear day & night dynamics.

Plant sensors included:

PlantEye - Spectral 3D plant sensor

PlantEye automates phenotyping in 3 steps:

  1. PlantEye Scans plants and creates 3D files
  2. 14+ plant parameters are calculated
  3. Plant data is Visualized and Analyzed

PlantEye delivers 14+ parameters ready to be analyzed! Read more about the parameters and our automation process.


FieldScale for gravimetric plant data. Used for measuring transpiration rates, drought spotting and precision irrigation

FieldScale: Transpiration rates & precision irrigation

  1. Transpiration rates in high resolution
  2. Water use efficiency
  3. Precise irrigation for every pot

Read more about FieldScale.


weather station for greenhouse or field phenotyping
Sensor: Weather Station


Weather Station: Environmental data for your data-sets

  1. Temperature
  2. Relative humidity
  3. Wind speeds
  4. PAR (Photo-synthetically active radiation)
  5. CO2

Add environmental data to your data-sets. More sensors can be added on request.


HortControl - data software for experiments with plant, biology, crop experiments

HortControl visualizes and analyzes your data:

  • Set up and monitor your trials
  • Data management, visualization and data export functions
  • Automated reporting functions

HortControl is the central software to setup, visualize and analyze your PlantEye measurements. Read more about HortControl and our automation process.

Typical field phenotyping applications:

Clients worldwide successfully use the FieldScan for the following field phenotyping applications:

  • Growth screening & analysis
  • Plant phenotyping
  • Disease quantification
  • Bioassays
  • Chemical screenings
  • Experimental control
  • Documentation
  • Quality control

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