HortControl is the central software to setup, visualize and analyze your PlantEye measurements. HortControl is designed to be used by staff with any professional background with a user friendly interface. You can access HortControl from your office or in the field.

  • Experiment setup, control & monitoring
  • Data visualization, visualize parameters from single plants up to entire plots
  • Plant analysis apps, automated data analysis

PlantEye generates 3D plant models with spectral information. Our software calculates many parameters from these models and stores them in HortControl. Data from single plants or even complete fields can be analyzed.

Growth dynamics (height in mm) visualized over time. Due to the high scan interval you can see clear day & night dynamics.

Growth dynamics (height in mm) visualized over time. Due to the high scan interval you can see clear day & night dynamics.


Experiment set-up, control & monitoring

Once your experiment is running you can monitor it and immediately start analyzing.

  • Set-up experiments for large numbers of plants with different genotypes and treatment groups
  • Monitor experiments in real time
  • Monitor crops in real time
  • Monitor hardware and sensors status

Visualize Plant Data

Visualize all plant parameters with HortControl. Easily create the graphs you need to analyze your plants with features like:

  • Time aggregation
  • Grouping on genotypes and/ or treatments
  • Absolute or relative values 
  • Filter on time, treatment or genotypes
  • Automated spectral data analysis

Visualize the 3D model when you see interesting data or irregularities and get an in depth look of the plant.

hortcontrol 3D NDVI visualization

HortControl 3D NDVI visualization

Plant Analysis apps

HortControl has two great Apps/ Tools to automate specific data analysis applications commonly used in plant screening:

  • Growth Analysis
  • Germination Assays

It is possible to request apps for specific use.

HortControl 3.2 - germination assay app

HortControl Germination Assay app – Showing days after sowing for each unit

Sensors compatible with HortControl

PlantEye - Spectral 3D plant sensor

PlantEye automates phenotyping in 3 steps:

  1. PlantEye Scans plants and creates 3D files
  2. 17+ plant parameters are calculated
  3. Plant data is Visualized and Analyzed

PlantEye delivers 17+ parameters ready to be analyzed! Read more about the parameters and our automation process.