Phenospex – About us

We believe that the industrial agriculture of today is running on costs of tomorrow. This needs to be changed. By applying smart concepts and technologies we can grow crops with less impact on our planet. We accelerate this process by delivering objective and precise information about crops and their performance with smart sensor technologies and robotics.

The Story

Phenospex was founded in 2011 by Grégoire Hummel, Philipp Tillmanns and Uladzimir Zhokhavets. Grégoire is plant scientist and earned his PhD at the Research Center Jülich and Max Planck Institute Jena, two world leading institutes in plant science and plant phenotyping. Uladzimir is a physicist and specializes in optics and semi-conductors. He was working at Philips Research in Aachen before founding Phenospex. Today, we are a mixed intercultural team with an interdisciplinary background from biology, agriculture, physics, computer science and engineering.

Where you can find us

Over the last years we established platforms world wide in private industry and in public research. To offer the best pre- and post-sales service we cooperate with distributors and service providers in various countries such as China, India, Australia and the USA. To get in touch please contact one of our main offices:

 Europe & Rest of the world

 North America

 Phenospex B.V.  Paul N. McMahon
 Jan Campertstraat 11  11654 Plaza America Drive #927
6416 SG Heerlen  Reston, VA-20190
 The Netherlands  USA