MicroScan for small digital phenotyping tasks

The MicroScan is a flexible tool to automate your digital phenotyping tasks or those how would like to get started with the digital assessment of crops.

  • Use in all environments
  • Easy traveling with small case
  • Scan area of 3.750 cmin 30 seconds
  • Morphological & Spectral data e.g. plant Height and Color
  • 17+ plant parameters each scan
  • Visualize & analyze data with HortControl

MicroScan - for small digital plant phenotyping tasks
MicroScan enables you to analyze plant traits where you need it. On bench tops, climate chambers, greenhouse or in the field. It moves a PlantEye over your plants and captures them in 3D and with multispectral information. This is used to calculate a wide suite of morphological- and physiological parameters – fully automatically and in real time!

Germination tray 3d NDVI
Germination tray scanned in 3D with RGB & NDVI – MicroScan

Plant sensors included:

PlantEye - Spectral 3D plant sensor

PlantEye automates phenotyping in 3 steps:

  1. PlantEye Scans plants and creates 3D files
  2. 17+ plant parameters are calculated
  3. Plant data is Visualized and Analyzed

PlantEye delivers 17+ parameters ready to be analyzed! Read more about the parameters and our automation process.


HortControl - data software for experiments with plant, biology, crop experiments

HortControl visualizes and analyzes your data:

  • Set up and monitor your trials
  • Data management, visualization and data export functions
  • Automated reporting functions

HortControl is the central software to setup, visualize and analyze your PlantEye measurements. Read more about HortControl and our automation process.

Typical applications you can automate with MicroScan:

Clients worldwide successfully use the MicroScan for the following applications:

  • Plant phenotyping
  • Germination assays
  • Disease quantification
  • Bioassays
  • Chemical screenings
  • Experimental control
  • Documentation
  • Quality control


Germination Assay

Doing a germination assay is easy with MicroScan. Place your germination tray (top picture) on the base, set the germination threshold, en let the scanner do its work. HortControl then visualizes a map with germination times. The image below does not correspond with the top picture.

HortControl 3.2 - germination assay app

HortControl Germination Assay app – Showing days after sowing for each unit

Technical details


Components PlantEye F500 GE2
Linear drive
Lightweight aluminum frame
System power supply
Peli case 1615 Air
Scan speed 25 mm / s
Max. Scan Area 3.750 cm2
Scan platform 2.000 cm2
Max. Scan Heigt (Incl. pot) 45 cm
Mechanical & Electrical
Weight 27.5 kg including case
20 kg assembled system
Case dimensions 280 × 467 × 828 mm
System dimensions WxHxD 1099 × 1122 × 390 mm
Assembly Toolless with thumbscrews
Operating temperature range 0…50 °C
Humidity 0 – 100% rel. (non-condensing)
Power requirements 110 V / 230V AC
Power consumption Max. 100 W
Protection class IP 42
Electrical Reverse polarity protection
Short-circuit protection