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Digital Twins, the future in plant phenotyping – TechnoHouse by Rijk Zwaan

Posted on 13 November 2020 in , by Martijn Houben
Rijk Zwaan, a major vegetable breeder hosts a regular online show called Techno House that addresses hot topics around plant breeding and horticulture. Seeing that the show has great content for the phenotyping community we gathered the content here for you. The topic of this episode: "Digital Twins". Three experts were invited to share thoughts and vision on digital twins but from different perspectives. Grégoire Hummel, Phenospex Ben Scheres, Rijk Zwaan Gert Kootstra, University of Wageningen Rijk Zwaan produced some short and crispy videos introducing the different experts and which are definitely worth to watch. World class sensors are here, the services are next Grégoire Hummel, CEO of Phenospex "The future of digital twins? Practical use cases in science, breeding, harvesting, quality control and even marketing" The last 10 years where marked by developing world class sensors to ...
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