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HortControl 3.4 release – Color segmentation, Correlation module and more

Posted on 24 January 2020 in , by Martijn Houben
At Phenospex we are continuously working on improving our products. Today we are happy to announce a new HortControl release, which improves the usability and will increase your phenotyping productivity. Here is a short overview Correlation analysis module easily compare manual & external data Color segmentation for better plant analysis 3D Grid for easier experiment set up And more... New Correlation analysis module Compare PlantEye data with manual or third-party data. For instance, compare your height measurements with our measurements in a one-to-one correlation. Or use the explorer to see which of our parameters correlate best with your visual scores. HortControl - Correlation module Color segmentation Set thresholds in a color histogram for all spectral parameters. This way you can filter everything you don't want to be measured from the 3D file. Filter artifacts like pots, soil or cabling or get ...