PlantEye F400 – Technology

– We released the F600 model. The F400 model is not in production any more –


The first 3D Laser Scanner designed for plants

Off the shelf products used in industry applications can barely match up with the requirements of scientists. In plant biology especially, where the object of interest is a living organism, looking for matching technology can become a tough journey. Phenospex‘s PlantEye is the first Laser Scanner that was specially designed and manufactured for plant screening applications.



PlantEye dualscan uses two scanners to scan the same plant and get improved phenotyping data

Complex architecture – simple trick!

plants with complex architecture where leaves are overlapping can be challenging for screening leaf area and other parameters accurately. Therefore, PlantEye can be used in a so called DualScan mode. Using two PlantEye F400 that look at the plants from different angles we can acquire improved 3D point clouds for almost every species.

 Computed plant parameters

  • Plant/canopy height
  • 3D leaf area
  • Projected leaf area
  • Digital biomass
  • Leaf inclination
  • Leaf area index
  • Light penetration depth
  • Leaf coverage





Not much space? – No problem

PlantEye F400 is the latest generation of PlantEye. After the last generation has proven that the sensor is able to operate in harsh environments we wanted to make it smaller to fit into growth rooms, greenhouses and to retro-fit into existing phenotyping systems

Dimensions: 420 mm x 200 mm x 92 mm




Precision in all dimensions

To achieve optimal results for plant screening we decided on a unique combination of a near infrared laser and a dedicated filter combination to reduce sunlight reflection.

PlantEye Resolution is below 0.8mm. The scanning speed is 50mm/s for high precision scanns. Our wavelength is 940nm to screen in full sunlight


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With our new case design we could not only decrease the minimum screening distance to 250mm, but were also able to decrease the energy emitted from the laser per mm² by 25% due to a wider ejection from the case. Different ranges are available to match a wide range of applications from high resolutions arabidopsis to large corn plants.

PlantEye Ranges can accomodate plants from 20cm up to 2m height with precise resolutions



Best case we ever made

PlantEye Features Case

PlantEye is manufactured to follow the IP65 standard and is therefore completely dust resistant and protected against any form of precipitation. The massive aluminium backplate works as a passive cooler and allows us to operate in high temperature environments. Active Peltier Elements will control the laser temperature and therefore always keep our needed laser wavelength. Since data is transferred via Wi-Fi, PlantEye only needs a power supply to operate. An external trigger allows additional flexibility when using PlantEye on carrier systems.


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