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PlantEye F600 sets the quality standard for Plant Parameters

Release the F600! Our Flagship sensor enters its 6th generation, bringing the features and quality we’ve always dreamed of. Using patented PlantEye technology to combine 3D and Multispectral information, the F600 stands as one of the world’s leading sensor in the field of Plant Phenotyping.

Sensor to Plant, 24/7 in all plant environments!

F600 plant sensor independent of lighting conditions

1. Works day and night

Active lighting and smart algorithms ensure that PlantEye F600 is the only 3D – Multispectral scanner that works in any light conditions, day or night!


F600 plant sensor independent of lighting conditions

2. Stable High-Quality Data

The PlantEye sensor is temperature controlled to ensure the highest standards of data quality under any weather conditions.

3. Beats all field conditions

The highest quality electronics housed in a robust casing built from the strongest materials make the PlantEye F600 the only 3D multispectral imaging sensor capable of assessing plants 24/7 under the toughest field conditions.

Fast 3D scanning in High resolution

1. Laserline 3d scanning for Plants

Laserline scanning allows for the highest quality 3D.  Industry camera’s are not made for the environments where our plants grow. PlantEye is developed to measure plants in any environment with the highest quality 3D.


2. Absolute Color Quantification

Active lighting and smart algorithms solve color variations caused by shadows or changing light conditions.

3. NIR captures Plant Health

Near infrared (NIR) wavelengths allow you to calculate plant indices like NDVI and instantly obtain NDVI Average along with other vital parameters indicating overall plant health, including NDVI binning to quantify the exact amount of unhealthy tissue that correlates with particular plant diseases or other stresses.

Slide & Compare

Immediate data analysis

1. Instant plant data, open formats & API

HortControl can calculate 20+ plant parameters from the 3D models. The 3D data and the parameters are open to use as needed. The PlantEye API makes it easy to access the data from your own or third-party applications. Learn more >


2. Grouping, filtering and normalizing

No more data preparation, a suite of professional tools helps you to analyze your data immediately.

3. Reporting tools, Correlations and Machine Learning

Generate reports of plant growth, germination, and more. Find correlations to validate your setup or create your own plant parameters with the machine learning tool.

Fully automated plant phenotyping products

1. MicroScan

Travel to any location with the PlantEye F600 and measure hundreds of plants a day. Learn more >

2. TraitFinder

Scan thousands of plants a day. Move it through your lab or greenhouse. Position it over your workbenches or bring the plants to the TraitFinder. Learn more >

3. FieldScan Indoor

Automate the entire process in a greenhouse and scan the whole field multiple times a day. Combine with scales and weather station and analyze the golden combination of transpiration rate over leaf area or biomass non-destructively. Learn more >

4. FieldScan

Scan entire plots or single plants in the field multiple times in direct sunlight or by night. Combine with scales and a weather station and analyze the golden combination of transpiration rate over leaf area or biomass non-destructively. Learn more >

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