FieldScan High throughput, space-optimized plant phenotyping with real-time time-series data visualization

FieldScan is a gantry system that automates phenotyping in both field and greenhouse conditions. Able to connect with multiple Phenospex sensors and even a precision irrigation system, FieldScan uses a non-destructive sensor-to-plant approach, which conserves space by eliminating the need for closed imaging cabinets and enhances data quality by maintaining a consistent growth environment.

Our sensors measure growth (3D), physiological (multispectral), weight, and environmental data, enabling the calculation of 20+ parameters, available to analyze in real-time time-series.


The high-quality, insights-rich
 data you need to make
confident decisions

FieldScan scans plants using PlantEye sensors to obtain a mass of reliable and objective data.

Phenospex's PlantEye sensor in the greenhouse.

With PlantEye, gain high-quality data for diverse species in any environment

PlantEye’s patented technology delivers high-quality data, independent of lighting, temperature, and humidity conditions.

Save time by automating destructive measurements in high quality 3D measurements 

Eliminate labor-intensive destructive data collection methods. FieldScan and PlantEye allow you to accurately automate the measurement of morphological parameters like leaf area and digital biomass

Combine 3D vision with multispectral imaging to unlock powerful physiological parameters

With a patented process, PlantEye merges 3D and multispectral data to capture comprehensive plant health and functional indicators beyond the capabilities of the human eye, providing insights into color, NDVI, and more.

digital plant parameter convex hull 3D - PlantEye

20+  unique parameters, enriching research across multiple applications

No need to build an image analysis pipeline to get meaningful data. Instantly gain insights across 20+  parameters that each bring unique value to enhance your datasets.

Our digital plant parameter

Our digital plant parameters are defined and validated by plant science

Our parameters are frequently cited in our clients’ publications. With proven technology grounded in plant science, you can focus on minimizing biological variability and studying effects.

A fully automated, high-
throughput solution that
generates more data with less work

Automate phenotyping to boost efficiency

FieldScan automates sensor-to-plant phenotyping – from measurements to parameter output – enabling a small team to conduct big experiments.

Measure more plants in less time/Increase the number of replicates & treatments

With less time and space required, you can increase the number of replicates and treatments. This enables you to obtain significant results faster, improve data quality.

A small footprint, FieldScan has little impact on your current infrastructure

FieldScan comes as a slim solution for greenhouses and as a robust gantry for fields. It doesn’t require closed imaging cabinets, and works seamlessly with your pots, tables, and tools.

Sensor to plant, Exclude variability by measuring plants in their microclimate

FieldScan moves the sensor to the plant, keeping the plant in its own microclimate. Preventing data variability caused by movement-induced stress.

Integrate DroughtSpotter & Weather Station to gain even more insights

Automate precision irrigation, collect weight data, and see if the effects measured can be explained by environmental variables, like wind, heat, or VPD.

Analysis tools,
Real-time insights
in time series data

Monitor & safeguard your experiments

Be sure you get the data you need for a successful experiment. See treatment effects early and detect anomalies caused by anything from power outages, shifted plants or stormy conditions. Then, adjust, improve, and correct where needed.

Time series, detect the effects you miss with single end point measurements.

Utilize non-destructive time series to detect effects early, reducing the duration of experiments and enabling the detection of effects that would otherwise be missed at the end of the experiment.

Observe effects instantly to validate your data’s value

Understand the value of your data while your experiment is running. Easily group, filter, aggregate, and normalize data on genotypes and treatments, allowing you to detect effects the moment they occur.

Seamlessly feed your data into any workflow

Download your data or utilize our API for direct data transfer of 3D models or parameter data into your subsequent processes.

Leverage 3D visualization for analysis & stakeholder engagement

Explore effects by analyzing data-rich 3D plant models, and use these visuals to underscore your findings when presenting to stakeholders.

 Easy implementation,
Quick Validation, Great service

Pre sales

Consultancy & design

Our phenotyping specialists understand your research objectives, and consult you on the best phenotyping tools and strategies to achieve them. We design your FieldScan solution to fit your needs and environments.

3 – 4 weeks

Installation & commissioning

Our operations team installs your FieldScan system in 3-4 weeks, depending on the size of the system and the sensors included.

Week 4 or 5

Onboarding & Training

We provide three days of on-site training and walk your team through its first experiment. With our intuitive software, you can start extracting insights from your data on the first day of training.

Week 5+


Already in the first weeks you are running experiments to validate the way you want to work with our tools

The coming years


We’re committed to your success. We provide you with on-site and remote support from our multidisciplinary team of biologists, technical specialists, and service engineers.

Request a meeting or consultation

Tell us about your goals and our technical sales experts will explain how FieldScan and our other tools can help. Reach out today to book a consultation or request a quote.

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