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Field Phenotyping – A development story

Posted on 10 March 2015 in , by Gregoire Hummel
There are several challenges when developing field phenotyping platforms for plant science and plant breeding. For us, it is always important to bear the scientific questions in mind before suggesting any technological solutions. In this blog entry I want to tell the story of how we developed a field phenotyping system for Vincent Vadez and his team at ICRISAT. As is the case with every interesting journey, the story of how we developed FieldScan involves several strands. It is a tale of many scientific discussion, several lessons learnt, and rewarding results. The scientific discussions Field phenotyping has become a buzzword in recent years. I think, in order to provide meaningful solutions, we have to ask intelligent questions before developing technologies. As a plant physiologist, I want to fully understand the research our customers are conducting. I met Vincent Vadez a couple of years ago at a conference in the Netherlands. Vincent gave a pretty inspiring talk about the work he had been doing ...