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Inauguration of high throughput field screening platform at ICRISAT India

Posted on 23 April 2014 in , , by Gregoire Hummel
The first high throughput field screening plattform was handed over to ICRISAT early this year and was now inaugurated officialy by ICRISAT Phenospex high throughput field screening facility (FieldScan) was just inaugurated at ICRISAT in Hyderabad India. A moving device is transporting several sensors above plants and performs measurements 24/7. The platform allows a capacity of ten thousands of plants with a throughput of 5,000 plants/h. FieldScan allows precise measurements of growth and transpiration and allows to screen big populations for drought tolerance or other traits. Partly plants are standing on load cells, which tracks the weight and computes the transpiration of each plant. FieldScan could be also position above a field, allowing to screen plants which grow in the soil. FieldScan ultra throughput field screening FieldScan was developed together with the Scientists at ICRISAT to help their research and improve the speed of discover. Please find here ...