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Why we can’t upgrade existing systems to Phena 2.0 (yet)

Posted on 9 May 2022 in by Martijn Houben
We created Phena 2.0 to optimize the quality of our data. But, for now, we cannot upgrade Phena on most of our existing clients’ systems. In this blog we will explain why we cannot upgrade the systems and what upgrade options you still have if you really, really want to upgrade Phena. Keep in mind that HortControl will still be updated, and you’ll benefit from all other features we release, such as BrAPI. Phena We call our processing chain – from raw sensor data up to plant parameters – Phena. We’ve been optimizing this processing chain ever since we developed the first PlantEye sensor 10 years ago. Phena merges, triangulates and optimizes 3D files, adds additional calculated spectral information (like NDVI values) then calculates the plant parameters. We’ve drastically restructured Phena to be more flexible and add even more information to our 3D files, allowing us to improve now, and making it easier to develop ...