HortControl – Plant Data Management Software

Store data easily

Phenospex provides a complete data solution for all data acquired by PlantEye, DroughtSpotter and our environmental stations. All data – RAW and tabulated – is then stored in our HortControl database. We provide the highest standard of security combined with intelligent quality management and analytics to secure online access from your designated hardware – on-site and on the road. Our data-warehouse provides sufficient storage capacity to save and back-up your production data to enable comparisons and analysis over several cycles and years.

How it works

HortControl DB (using PostgreSQL) infrastructure enables the real-time combination of RAW data, plant parameters and associated climate data (pre-installed interface to major climate systems) and additional sensor systems. Our browser based interface into the HortControl DB can be used on almost any operating system (Microsoft Windows, Apple Mac OS, Linux). Tailored solutions integrate with your existing interface for climate data and additional sensors. High data-volume is stored on a secure proprietary server and can be accessed only through your individual Security-ID. Start monitoring and analyzing your plant production on-site, from the computer in your office, at home or on the road on your mobile device.

Image Pipeline

Using HortControl

Software should make life easier

When it comes to software, usability and convenience are key for a good user experience. We believe in simple solutions for multiple users and across all operating systems.

Unlimited Access

Connect as many users as you need

For us, science is not a single player game. With today’s interdisciplinary teams, access to the data from various researchers and workgroups, even from different locations, is needed.
That’s why we have unlimited user access to HortControl that can also be established from remote locations using a safe connection ID. Different users can access the information they need with different dashboards.

‘R’ you ready for data analysis?

Using statistical power of the R-Project

Modern phenotyping tools produce more data than ever. However, data itself has only little value for plant science data needs to be combined and analyzed before we can gain knowledge from it.
Instead of reinventing the wheel, we wanted to profit from the power of one of the most common statistic toolboxes worldwide: the R-Project. That’s why we developed an easy to use direct interface from our database into R, so that people can apply various scripts directly onto the data we can produce.

Quality is key

Checking data acquisition on the fly

No machine is perfect, and neither are the people using it. Often, a fast and simple look into the data acquired can give you a good impression of the status of your experiments.
HortControl allows you to graphically check the whole status of the phenotyping equipment and also visualize the acquired data with less than three clicks from your computer, laptop or tablet.

Small is beautiful

Integrated data storage without IT skills

Large scale systems can produce Terabytes of data in short amounts of time. Nevertheless, as a scientist you want to focus on analyzing the data and not maintaining it.
HortControl will take that task for you and store and handle all data automatically in the background. Even backup solutions can be integrated with no need for any IT interaction. If you want, you can still access all data as HortControl is completely open.