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Network administrator

Posted on 9 May 2023 in by Martijn Houben
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Hardware Engineer

Design, develop, modify, adapt and debug the electrical and optical components for our products. Review the user requirements and propose.. Continue reading

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Service Engineer

As a Service engineer at our company, you will be responsible for providing after-sales technical support to our customers in.. Continue reading

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APPF creates a digital phenotype library to build machine Learning algorithms for plant stress identification

At the ANU node of the APPF, we acquired a Phenospex PlantEye DualScan F500 in November 2019 which was installed.. Continue reading

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Why we can’t upgrade existing systems to Phena 2.0 (yet)

We created Phena 2.0 to optimize the quality of our data. But, for now, we cannot upgrade Phena on most.. Continue reading

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HortControl 3.8 – The Data Access, Quality and Service Release!

6 new parameters, BrAPI implemented, Improved service, system backups & more. Read all about the new features of HortControl.

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BrAPI, Automate data transfer into your workflow

With the release of HortControl 3.8 we implemented an API allowing you to automate data transfer from HortControl (our data.. Continue reading

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IPPN Webinar: Combining 3D & Gravimetric data to breed climate smart crops

The International Plant Phenotyping network (IPPN) invited us to present during their Phenomics webinar series. An opportunity to talk about breeding.. Continue reading

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PlantEye F600 release! The new quality standard for Plant Parameters

Our Flagship sensor has entered its 6th generation bringing the quality we had dreamed of from the beginning. We listed.. Continue reading

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Comparing PlantEye F600 vs. F500

The F600 sets a new standard and combines ten years of plant-phenotyping experience into one sensor. Once again,