PlantEye on a automation machine in greenhouses

PlantEye test request

Determine that PlantEye delivers the data and quality you need for your experiments.

Why Testing?

After a couple years of using automated platforms for plant phenotyping there are now plenty of sensors available on the market. These sensors deliver different sets of parameters at different temporal and spatial resolutions and accuracies, and are designed to be operated under different environments. However, it’s often difficult to know the strengths, limitations or technical complexities of the sensors, which are only discovered when the acquired data needs to be transformed into information or knowledge. Moreover, we are confronted with the problem that we do not have enough information about the signal-noise ratios of traits of interests, especially when the data is assessed under field conditions. Lastly, we do not know whether those sensors are accurate enough to detect the needed signal strength. Hence the risk of investment for new technologies in plant phenotyping is always high.

Testing on location

Rent a TraitFinder with the PlantEye 3D laser scanner for lab, greenhouse or field testing. The TraitFinder allows you to screen several plants semi automatically at short intervals. In addition, we support you during the rental period and check all acquired data on a regular basis. If you want to perform validation experiments or proof of concepts, we will be there to support and assist you and help you with data analysis and interpretation if needed. Fill out the form below with a “Test on location”  request.

Test experiment at Phenospex

You state the experiment and what  you would like to achieve with the test. Our biologists set up the experiment and the PlantEye does the screening. In the end our biologist do the analysis of the data and discuss the results with you. Fill out the form below with a “Test experiment” request.