MobileDevice for lab- and greenhouse automation

Automate your plant assessment and routine applications

The MobileDevice is a tool to assess a moderate amount of plants automatically. Typical applications like germination assays, drug screening, experimental control, documentation, quality control or phenotyping can be fully automated, which saves time and costs. The MobileDevice is designed for applications in labs, climate chambers and greenhouses and scans and analyses between 5-100 plants in a single scan. It uses the PlantEye Sensor and extracts a wide suite of morphological- and physiological parameters.

The MobileDevice consists of 3 major functional units:

  • Linear Positioning System (standard: 2m but can me modified on demand)
  • One or several PlantEye sensors
  • Control Box including server and data base

Pots or trays with plants are positioned on the MobileDevice table. The linear position system moves the PlantEye sensor (PlantEye 500) over the plants and scans them. Dependent on the plant size, MobileDevice can assess between 6 and 100 individual plants with a single scan. Scans can be triggered manually or by using a timer that allows you to create time series measurements and assess growth dynamics at a high temporal resolution of up to one measurement every 5 minutes. All parameters are transferred into the database localized in the Control Box. With HortControl you can visualize, analyze and access all data.

Typical applications you can automate with MobileDevice

Automated Germination assay

Assessing the germination rates is a labor intensive- and tedious job. MobileDevice automatically screens hundreds of pots and trays fully automatically and generates reports about germination time, germination uniformity and early vigour.

High Resolution Growth Analysis

Plants react within seconds and minutes to changing environments, which in many cases, like for growth, cannot be measured manually. MobileDevice provides this information and measures plants in high temporal- and spatial resolution and detects changes in growth rates within hours. This saves time, improves accuracy and increases the throughput of your trials and experiments.

Growth dynamics of wheat genotypes after NaCl treatment. Differences can be identified with the MobileDevice after 2h only (screenshot from MobileDevice web interface).

Growth screenings

Growth analysis is a routine application in every lab. It is time consuming and only affordable for small amounts of plants. MobileDevice provides you this data fully automatically and you can scale up your experimental throughput and data accuracy.

Growth dynamics (biomass) of different Brachypodium genotypes (n=4), (screenshot from MobileDevice web interface).

Technical Specifications:

Dimensions 2475 x 800 x 2200 mm*
Plant size 0 – 1000 mm
Stroke length 2000 mmm*
Weight 100 kg
Temperature range 0…50 °C
Humidity 0 – 100% rel.
Protection class IP 64
Power requirements 100V – 230VAC
Power consumption 1.5 kW
Connectivity WiFi, Ethernet
Scanning speed 50 – 150 mm/s
Scan time 10 – 40 s
Scanning modes Automatic with timer or manually
Scanning frequency Programmable with timer
Data storage 200 GB
Sensors PlantEye F500
Scanning mode Dual- and single scan mode possible

*can be modified on demand